PSM Accounting Procedures

1.    Purchasing Procedures

Upon confirmation of your requirements PSM Sportswear will endeavour to quote on your potential requirements within twenty four hours. 

2.    Order Processing

Order Processing
Account Management
Should you wish to proceed with an order we will require an official order number from the University Union, whereby your order will be overseen by your account manager, Debbie Wall.
Any queries relating to your account ie progress report or order eta can be dealt with by Debbie.
We also propose that we visit the University on a monthly basis whereby orders can be either taken or delivered and the students can have a chance to discuss their potential requirements with us.

3.    Shipping And Freight Claims Procedures

If goods are required prior to our monthly visit then we are able to ship the goods via a courier. If any discrepancies are found within an order, our Company Policy does state that we need to be notified within 14 days of shipment date.

4.    Accounts Payable Procedures

Documenting Accounts Payable
Payment Of Accounts Payable
Our invoices will detail your purchase order number and will be sent separately to your accounts payable department.
Settlement terms are strictly fourteen days from the date of the invoice.