Customer Care Policy

1.    Policy Statement

PSM Sportswear aims to set clear standards of service and to regularly review and improve its performance. Our resources will be used effectively and efficiently in order to provide the highest standard of service to all customers.
PSM Sportswear will openly provide clear information about its services, which will be easily accessible to everyone who needs them. All enquiries and complaints will be dealt with in a prompt manner.
Present and potential customers of PSM Sportswear will be consulted with, and their views will be used to continually improve the service provided.

2.    Standards for Customer Care

Responding to correspondence PSM Sportswear will answer all correspondence – including letters, faxes and emails – in a fast and clear manner.
To answer all correspondence within 2 working days.
To use your corporate signature at all times.
To use the email auto response when out of the office stating an alternative colleague’s contact details for urgent enquiries.
To use the corporate recommended font and logo at all times.
To use corporate templates for letters, faxes, quotes etc.

3.    Appointments

Members of staff will see visitors punctually when an appointment has been made at the office or at an external venue. If no appointment has been made, members of staff will see visitors as promptly as is reasonably possible.
To see visitors within 5 minutes of any appointment that has been made.
Maximum length of time a person without an appointment should have to wait before they see a representative of PSM Sportswear is 5 minutes.
At external meetings members of staff should arrive 10 minutes early, dressed appropriately.
All employees should carry company identification at all times.

4.    Answering telephone calls

Each department will answer telephone calls in a fast and professional manner.
To answer calls to designated telephone enquiry points within 5 rings.
When transferring calls, ensure that the member of staff is available to accept the call and if not that they call back within 30 minutes.
To record your daily voicemail message informing callers of your itinerary for the day.

5.    Complaints procedures

PSM Sportswear will publicise their complaints procedure for the service it provides and promptly deal with any complaints received.
To publicise the complaints procedure on the PSM Sportswear website and have complaints procedure documents available for inspection and delivery to customers.
To respond to a customer within 24 hours and explain to the customer how the complaint will be dealt with.
To keep the customer appraised weekly on the status of their complaint if the investigation/resolution of the complaint is likely to take more than 1 week.