Embroidery Customisation Process

Embroidery - 6 head embroidery machine

Machine garment embroidery is a multi-step process with the basic steps for creating garment embellishments with a computerised embroidery machine and these steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Firstly PSM Sportswear Create an embroidery DST File depicting your own unique individual logo.

Step 2 - The DST File creation may take hours depending on the complexity of the design and the associated colours in the logo and the software can be costly to produce as a one off cost.

Step 3 - PSM edit the design and add additional wording which is monogrammed to your complete satisfaction.

Step 4 - Once the design file has been approved by our customer we export the design file to a (proprietary machine) embroidery file that mostly just contains commands for the embroidery machine.

Step 5 - The Specific design thread colours must be manually loaded into the machine before sewing begins, and a thread spool must be loaded for each colour for each sewing head.

Step 6 - The computerised embroidery file is loaded into the embroidery machine, making sure it is the correct format for the machine and that the stitched design will fit in the appropriate size hoop or ring.

Step 7 - Our Staff determine and mark the location of embroidery placement on the garment fabric to be embellished to our customers unique specifications.

Step 8 - We secure the garment fabric in a hoop or ring with the appropriate stabiliser frame and place it on the machine.

Step 9 - The six head or eight head embroidery machine is programmed with the DST software with the needle over the start point of the design.

Step 10 - Once the embroidery machine is started we watch for errors and issues as each machine with it’s multiple heads can embroider from 750  stitches to 1,000 stitches per minute.

Step 11 - During the embroidery process we troubleshoot any problems as they arise as our Staff have a plentiful supply of needles, bobbins, a can of air (or small air compressor), a small brush, and scissors.

Step 12 - Remove the completed design from machine.

Step 13 - Separate the fabric from the hoop and trim the embroidered design’s loose threads.