Environmental Policy

PSM Sportswear recognises its responsibilities for the environment and is committed to working towards minimising the environmental impacts of its activities.

The Company accepts that it can only achieve its business objectives if the operational performance of its activities, along with the products and services it supplies, reflects the changing environmental priorities of the society it serves. Where appropriate we will endeavour to meet the standards outlined in all relevant statutory legislation.

We will work towards the prevention of pollution and improvement in environmental performance by: -

  • Working with customers, suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment;
  • The conservation of energy and natural resources;
  • The reduction and where possible the elimination of wastes, emissions and nuisance product by the Company;
  • The promotion of recycling and re-use of waste materials ensuring that the methods of disposal for un-usable waste are appropriate; and
  • Minimising the risks of environmental accidents and in conjunction with appropriate authorities ensure an emergency response capable to deal with accidental pollution.

We will ensure that our employees possess the necessary knowledge and skills to implement in full our policy. Training will concentrate on the impact of our work activities on the environment, the role that they can play within their jobs to meet environmental objectives and the benefits of improved environmental performance.

Sub-contractors will be expected to fully embrace the contents of our policy and to demonstrate their support through their active participation and co-operation. Their performance will be assessed annually to determine their level of commitment to this essential business area.

We will monitor, not only our performance against agreed targets, but also that of our sub-contractors to ensure that the environmental impact of our operations do not have a negative effect on the local community or environment.

Employees, contractors and the local community will be consulted on how best we can implement this policy and to suggest ways of continually improving the Company’s environmental performance.

This Environmental Policy will be displayed at all our sites and may be distributed to all interested parties.