Heatsealing Customisation Process

Heatsealing - Heatpress Machine

PSM Sportswear undertake in house the manufacturing art of full digital heatseal transfer printing which is perfect for decorating a variety of light or dark colour garments with full colour designs or sponsors brand logos that contain gradients and it is a cost effective way of producing personalised clothing in a short timeframe.

What is heatseal printing? To establish a heat seal logo or design on a variety of garments, a coloured transfer is created, then applied to a garment using an industrial heat press, which prints and seals the transfer on to the item with the combination of heat and pressure the result being a permanent, colour-fast addition to the garment clothing.

We can embellish or decorate through the heatseal transfer process almost any garment fabric including our ranges of Leisurewear, Sports Team Kits, Sportswear, Workwear & Promotionalwear Clothing.

At PSM Sportswear we have in-house the following equipment which is needed to undertake the heat-sealing process :

  • Design Software & Computer.
  • Versa Camm Printer & Vinyl Cutter
  • Weeding Tools
  • Heat Press

Here is how the PSM Sportswear heat-sealing process is achieved :

Step 1 – We create our Customer’s design or logo  – using graphic design software, we establish & mock up our Customer’s design or logo on a computer.

Step 2 – We then forward the Customer’s design or logo – to the printer from the design software computer which prints our Customers design onto our specially selected heat transfer films using the ink jet printer known as a versa camm which reproduces the image created ready for cutting and application.

Step 3 – We cut out our Customer’s design or logo  – a vinyl cutter is used to trim our agreed Customer’s design logo or image.

Step 4 – We warm up the Heat Press – For most heat transfer applications ideally the temperature should be set for each unique job.

Step 5 – We adjust the pressure on the Heat Press – the pressure of the press is based on the thickness of the garment fabric so a thicker fabric requires less pressure.

Step 6 – We set the time – this is very important because there are different times associated for different types of heat transfers and fabrics.

Step 7 – We set the transfer in place – we position our customer’s product onto the heatseal machine platen and place the transfer paper face up on the desired area of your garment product we then place a Teflon sheet over the top of the transfer for protection purposes.

Step 8 – We press the product – once our customer’s garment or product is in place, we close the press by pulling the handle down to clamp the press shut allowing a combination of time, temperature and pressure for each product or garment.

Step 9 – We remove the transfer film – after the timer goes off we simply open the press and discard the film while the transfer paper is still hot and your design should be printed onto our customer’s garment product.

Step 10 – We package the product - once the garment is cooled it is then ready for packaging.