Ski Hoodies

At PSM Sportswear we understand the need for good quality clothing and reliable sports equipment. It’s important that this quality shines through particularly when you are in the thick of it, during a sporting activity. Skiing is one of the most popular past times across Switzerland, France, Austria and Canada and the market for ski gear is huge. But much of the ski equipment can be expensive, thanks to Gore Tex jackets and windbreaker tops which are stylish and protective. With all of the gear you have to buy to enjoy a successful, enjoyable ski trip, finding comfortable gear to wear in between activities is also important.

Check out our other hoodies including those for Men and Women as well as our custom hoodies for leavers.

We stock a range of stylish comfortable ski hoodies which are perfect for keeping you warm after a hard day on the slopes. Our hoodies are suitable for sports teams or just casual wear. We can offer hoodie printing so you can have your team’s logo or brand displayed proudly on your trip, as well as embroidered team numbers and names. Our hoodies are part of our Papini range which have a double lined hood, contrast drawstring and toggles and ribbed cuffs and waistbands. Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester these unisex hoodies are ideal for adventurous ski trips.

So now you have your hoodie for comfort, what else do you need for a ski trip?

It’s not all about clothing, equipment and gear is vital. So here’s a quick list of what we recommend you take on your ski trip.

Ski Gear Basics

  • Hat, scarfs and gloves

  • Ski jacket

  • Ski trousers

  • Ski gloves

  • Balaclava (if it’s cold)

  • Ski Goggles

  • Thermals

  • Helmet

  • Snowboard/ski kit bag

  • Ski socks

Miscellaneous Kit

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Shaving kit

  • Wipes

  • Sun cream

  • First aid kit (small)

  • Passport

  • Travel Documents

  • Currency

  • Emergency Contact number/Mobile Phone

There are definitely many other items which you could take on a ski trip with you but those listed above are our recommendations to ensure you are safe, warm and comfortable.

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First Time Ski Trip?

For many people, perhaps later this year, there will be those embarking on their first ski trip. If you’ve never been skiing before it can be intimidating but preparation is key and it can make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Fitness is important. It can make the difference between a fun time on the slopes and a miserable time on the slopes. Skiing takes energy, core strength and leg strength. But it’s vital that you practice before you go on an expensive holiday and waste the opportunity to make the most of it. Cardiovascular fitness is important for skiing and we’d recommend working out and focusing on leg muscles and high energy cardio routines.


Practice Makes Perfect. This is certainly true of skiing and it’s certainly worth visiting indoor slopes to practice before a ski holiday. Authentic surfaces and real snow offers a perfect environment to practice and get your technique right so you can make the most of your holiday experience. 


Avoid Family Teaching. Just like when you learn to drive, the worst thing you can do is allow a family member or friend to teach you how to ski. It’s not necessary and can cause friction and worst case scenario results in spoiling your holiday. Take lessons or get advice from a professional trainer, as we mentioned in one of the fantastic indoor centres across the UK.

Get A Taste. Don’t purchase expensive gear and equipment until you know you like skiing and you are prepared to do it on a regular basis. It could be very expensive to buy all the gear for just one trip a year. It’s a commitment and of course you will need certain pieces of gear to go on a ski trip but a lot of the equipment can be rented or borrowed. We’d recommend just renting to start with and just buy the clothing you need, such as our ski hoodies or hats and gloves and snow trousers which are essential.

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