Quality Management System

Policy Standard

1.    Introduction


This Quality Management Policy Standard sets out a framework for the development and implementation of a Quality Management System.
This Policy Standard is applicable to all activities undertaken by PSM Sportswear Ltd and is issued under the authority of the Quality Director.


Standard definitions used in quality management systems are set out in ISO 9000:2000 “Quality Management Systems – Fundamentals and Vocabulary”.

2.    Objective and Commitment

The overall quality objective is to ensure that PSM Sportswear deliver a consistently high level of service throughout our business.
PSM Sportswear are committed to implementing appropriate quality management systems and processes to enable the delivery of the highest practicable quality products and services. We will therefore: -
  • clearly understand the current and potential future requirements and expectations of our customers;
  • work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners to achieve business and quality objectives;
  • deliver products and services of the highest practicable quality, reliability and consistency that meet our customers’ requirements;
  • implement quality management in a systematic and planned way through the application of management systems that support the delivery of the business plan;
  • educate and train our people to support the delivery of high quality work;
  • establish and measure performance and customer satisfaction against appropriate quality objectives and/or targets;
  • measure at an appropriate level service performance and customer satisfaction;
  • continually review and improve our processes and levels of service.

3.    Principles

As a company, we pride ourselves on the delivery to our customers of products and services that are of a high quality. The implementation of a quality management system will enable the company to analyse customer requirements, define processes that will contribute to the achievement of a product or service that is acceptable to the customer and it will keep those processes under control.
A quality management system will provide the framework for continual improvement and thus increase the probability of enhancing customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of other interested parties. It will effectively provide the company and its customers with the confidence that the provision of service and products will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards.

4.    Requirements

Quality Management System

The quality management system will address the following elements: -
Quality Management - ensuring a formalised, explicit and pro-active approach to systematic business management;
Quality Responsibility - ensures that everyone involved in the quality aspects of the business has clearly defined responsibilities and that managers are responsible for the quality performance of their own organisations;
Quality Priority - ensures that it is recognised that quality issues do not take precedence over health, safety or environmental issues, rather that the quality management system actively supports those management elements;
Quality Objective – ensuring that while supporting the business service, the principal quality objective is to set the standards that will deliver a consistently high quality of work throughout the business activities thus ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement in the level of service provision.

Quality Achievement

Within the operation of the Quality Management Systems, the businesses will ensure: -
Competency - Staff are adequately trained, motivated and competent for the job they are required to do;
Quality Management Responsibility - A quality manager/representative is identified with organisational responsibility for the development and maintenance of the quality management system and is responsible for reporting to the highest organisational level of that business;
External Services - The selection and approval of externally provided services will be controlled by the quality management system procedures, thus ensuring that the company’s health, safety and environmental culture is not compromised and staff, customers and third parties are not put at risk. Provision of these external services will be subject to regular review;
Quality Failings - all failings of the Quality Management System which have/or could have resulted in non-compliance with the associated standard will be investigated and corrected at the earliest opportunity. This action recognises that serious non-compliance could compromise the very management systems that the Quality Management System was designed to control and could result in removal of certification by the assessment body.


Within the operation of the Quality Management System, the businesses will ensure that: -
Quality Audits - are carried out by both internal and external auditors;
Quality Records - are to be maintained throughout the Quality Management System operation as a basis for providing quality assurance to all.

Quality Promotion

Within the operation of the Quality Management System, the Companies involved in the business or business activity will ensure that: -
Training - Appropriate training is provided to all those involved in the operation in support of the Quality Management System;
Quality Improvement - All staff are actively encouraged to propose solutions to improve both the Quality Management System and the quality of service delivery within the business.

5.    Responsibility and Authority

This policy standard is issued under the authority of the Managing Director. Responsibility for implementation of this policy standard is set out below.
  • Responsibility for the achievement of this policy standard rests with the Executive Team.
  • Business / Departmental Managers are responsible for implementing the policy standard, monitoring its implementation in the everyday activities of their division and report to the Executive Team.
  • All staff are responsible for the ownership and undertaking of their quality management functions in accordance with this Policy Standard and for its implementation within the framework of PSM Sportswear’s procedures and directives.